Qualitative Studio

We have established a special studio in the heart of Budapest for our qualitative research, where an interview room capable of hosting 10-12 people in a non-office like, friendly environment, equipped with a projector is at our disposal. Interviews carried out in our qualitative studio are recorded by two cameras onto a hard drive or a DVD.

Eight people can be comfortable seated in our monitoring room, which is placed behind a ‘detective mirror’, and their work can be aided by mics, cordless hearing devices and wifi connection.

Researches in foreign languages are helped by translators who are placed in separate rooms and have audio-visual connection to the other parties.

To provide more comfort for our interviewees and researchers, we have equipped our studio with a small kitchen, two bathrooms and a waiting room suitable for 15 people.

Due to the above, our qualitative studio is also ideal for business meetings, trainings and workshops.

Address of the studio: 12 Rumbach Sebestyén street (ALY/A, 1st FL, door nr. 2) 1075-Budapest.
For more information please contact one of our colleagues: foldvarszki.zsuzsanna@scale.hu (+36 30 554 0843); domoszlai.gyorgy@scale.hu (+36 70 375 5785)