Livi A Day in the Life of a Junior Consultant

The first thing I do when I arrive at the office is I turn on my computer. While it is logging on, and it’s many pieces get ready for work, I make myself a coffee. After sipping some warm coffee, I attend to my daily tasks. Every day brings something new, or not… To be honest, I do not really have to days that are alike.

If I am on a project, I start by assembling a survey, and possibly, an analysis or a presentation, if the project is at its end. The tasks in between requires fast and tedious work. Once the survey is compiled and finalized, we begin conducting it, which means we have to record the data, in which task I only take on the role of the inspector, since the hard part for me begins with the arrival of the finalized database.

First I check and clean the data, and then I begin the analysis of answers for each question on the survey, revealing causality. It often takes days for me to chart up (illustrate on a chart with explanations) the results of the questions, compose my insight, summarize the results, and draft my suggestions.

I send the finished material over to the project manager, who reads and evaluates it, after which, if all goes well, the team sits down to discuss the results, where everyone adds something smart to the discussion and in the end we mush them all together, so we can give the client refined and useful information.

Life does not stop if I do not have a project to work on either, since my colleagues will always have tasks they would gladly hand over to me, and I willingly help out.

However, I do sometimes have time to have lunch at noon, and get myself another coffee to help me through the afternoon’s tasks.